January 10 , 2019

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful break full of memory-making time with your precious children. My family took full advantage of the time away from routines, homework and practices to simply relax. We spent more time in our pajamas than we did in our regular clothes and not one alarm was set for days at a time. It was glorious!

Aside from cherished traditions with our family for the holidays, downtime included outings to the park and a family dance night at the Broken Spoke. If you haven't experienced this two-stepping taste of Austin, you are missing out. One glance of the Broken Spoke sandwiched between new condominiums is evidence of Austin's growth and change over time. In addition to boot-scoot and boogying, we spent time outside (yes, in our pajamas) riding new dirt bikes. To those fearful of the combination of motorized bikes, children and potential injuries, this may sound like a nightmare, but to our thrill-seeking crew the bikes have provided hours of laughter and outdoor fun.

Between December 25 and January 1, the break felt long and luxurious, but after that it flew by. The hesitancy I felt about getting dressed and leaving the house dissipated the minute the VVE staff walked through the door. The adults serving our children are amazing! Their energy, passion and dedication inspire and invigorate the soul. As a full team we spent the morning defining, reviewing and revisiting behavior expectations (for children and adults) and committed ourselves to providing instruction, consistency and positive support for behavior. Our goal continues to be not only the academic growth of every child, but emotional growth as well. We are purposefully working to making a significant impact on the lives of everyone at Valley View by focusing on what it means to SOAR, not just in school, but in life. We are relentless in our desire and effort to teach, model and support children in making decisions and behaving in ways that keep them and others Safe (physically and emotionally), On-Task (doing the right thing at the right time and finishing what you start), demonstrating an Awesome Attitude (especially when the task or request is undesirable) and being Respectful to self and others every day (treating others not only how you would want to be treated, but also working to treat others the way they want to be treated). That's what S.O.A.R.ing in life is all about.

As we look toward the spring semester please pay close attention to the calendar and upcoming events. Open House, BINGO night, Big Peeps on the Playground, the EEF Gala and Science Day (STEAM Day) and are all around the corner.

We hope to see you often and look forward to sharing 2019 with you!


 Jennifer Dusek



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