December 19, 2018

The VVE counselors wanted to share a special project that was made possible by the contributions of all VVE students!  On December 12th our Diversity Quilt project came to fruition on the end zone of the WHS football stadium (with drone footage to remember it) and now it hangs beautifully in the front foyer of VVE.

This project was an SEL initiative representing all 6 elementary campuses, with 3287 students participating, making it every more special! The creation of a quilt made of individual, diverse squares from each unified classroom community, are diverse and unique when looked at in isolation, but all contribute to their community when woven together.

This beautiful project symbolized students understanding, appreciating and respecting differences and similarities in their classroom, school, and district.

This project could not have been made possible without the dedication of Kimie Qualliza cutting and laminating all of our posters, and the countless hours Lauren Praytor and Sarah Miller so graciously spent assembling our quilt with their enviable Pinterest skills. Our diversity quilt is hung in a place of prominence at VVE, and will provide as a visual reminder of our unity!  We also give thanks to Morgan Menichini for artfully writing our banner to hang above the quilt:  Our diversity ties us together. 




Thursday - December 20, 2018
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Monday - December 24, 2018
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Teaching children resilience and reflection are the SEL topics for the second nine weeks.


Early Release, December 21
All schools release exactly 3 hours early. Bus routes run exactly 3 hours early. Elementary Parent Reminders: Lunch will not be served; Remember to make any necessary changes in Campus Dismissal Manager.

Winter Break, December 24 - January 7
Students return Tuesday, January 8; Staff return Monday, January 7

As we move closer to the Board's consideration to call a bond election in January, the Board heard more information on bond-related topics such as the final category review, bond capacity and a report from the Digital Learning Task Force. 


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