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Art Volunteers
Chair – Janet Bell 512-762-2435

Volunteers assist the art teacher by hanging art work on bulletin boards and helping in
class with special project. No art experience needed!

Box Tops for Education
Chair – Kriket Sitka

Box tops are collected and sorted throughout the year to be turned in for cash from
General Mills for the October and April due dates. www.boxtops4education.com

Community Partners
Chair – MacKenzie Price 512-587-9936

Contacts Organizations within the community that will partner with Valley View.

Chair – Position Open

Occasionally we have projects that allow the handymen and landscapers amongst us to shine.
Volunteers are needed for these opportunities throughout the year.

Library Volunteers
Chair – Barbara Paier 512-964-8015

Volunteers help out in the library, during pre-set hours. Help is needed to put up and check
out books. This is a wonderful opportunity to help kids and teachers during their special 'library time'.

Lost and Found
Chair – Paige Hansen 512-263-7824

Want to help get the lost and found organized? Contact Paige.

Chairs – Annie Courtney

Put an announcement up on the Marquee for $25. Email Jen to let her know what you need.
Purchase the space by clicking on our online store.

Nurse Volunteers
Chair – Ramona Wilson 512-732-9140

Help needed at beginning of year to assist with vision/hearing testing. Training class required
(valid for 4 yrs.) Cost is reimbursed by school. Help needed from time to time with paperwork and
on occasion, a special project. A confidentiality statement is required by all nurse volunteers.

Office Volunteers
Chair – Stacie Westfield

Volunteers help out in the office, usually once a week during pre-set hours.
This is a great service to our school.

Popcorn Parties
Chair – Sharadha Powell

Parents deliver bags of freshly-popped popcorn to the classrooms one Friday a month.

School Store
Chair – Jessica Mester 254-931-8833

The school store, located in the main lobby, is open to the students on MWF for sales
from 11:30-1pm. Volunteers operate the store throughout the year with scheduled shifts.

Chair – MacKenzie Price
Monthly events for families, parents and children that encourage community,
such as
The Gingerbread Social (December 11)

Staff Appreciation
Chair – Kari Leighton 512-550-1717
and Dana Bradley 512-215-2602

At various times throughout the year, this committee provides lunch, treats and other
tokens of appreciation for the work of these dedicated professionals. Coordinators are needed
to assist the chairperson in organizing these activities as well as worker bees to cook, set up
and clean up.

Underwriting / Cardinal Supporters
Chair – MacKenzie Price

Web Page (Booster Club)
Chair – Position Open

Responsible for updating the Booster club web page on a regular basis to keep information current.

Chair – Tamera Merkel 512-263-9893
and Nicole Campbell 512-560-7722
Our school’s yearbook captures wonderful memories and is available for sale in the Fall for
spring arrival. Works with Home Room Parents in collecting photos from class events, field trips,
school wide events (ie. fun run, sock hop) Create book using the collected photos and software
program that is supplied by the publisher.

Auction – Friday November 8, 2013
Chair – Tracy Waggoner 512-328-0428, Rhonda Gibson and Julie Shantz
People interested in helping with this event should contact one of the above chairs.

Book Fair – October 23-24
Chair – Ginger Grasley 512-619-8271

The book fair is a terrific opportunity for our children to add to their personal libraries as well as
help us raise some money. Volunteers are needed for set up, take down, cashiers, and
assisting shoppers

Carnival – April 6
Chair – Dana Bocock and Laura Ewing
Our fall event is great way to kick off a fantastic school year.
Looking for someone interested in heading this up for 2013-2014.

Family Bingo Night – January 24
Chair – Carmen Morgan 512-263-6949
Co-Chair needed
This fun event is a chance for families to get reacquainted and also to meet new friends.
At this year's event, enjoy dinner and a night of Bingo!

Looking for someone interested in heading this up for 2013-2014.

Incoming Kinder Playgroup
Chair – Dana Bocock 512-577-9604

Spring Open House – February 13
Chair – Shelby Hansen 512-215-9091

Meet the Teacher
Chair – Lisa Kaspar 512-736-9324
and Jennifer Mazuelos 512-567-1315
Organize the refreshments for the "Meet the Teacher" day. Set up and Clean up.

School Supplies
Chair – wendy McGlamery 973-518-2781

Organize the refreshments for the "Meet the Teacher" day. Set up and clean up.

Science Day – February 28
Chairs – Ryan Herrman 512-415-8721
and Kelly Bethke 206-930-4151
A school day designated to the fun of 'hands-on' science activities! Committee
members compile suggestions for science projects to show. Check with your grade
representative to see how you can help.

Cardinal Fest – May 23
Chair – Jon Hill 512-771-4609
Ryan Sanderson 512-732-9140 and Nicole Campbell 512-560-7722
A "just for fun” event held at the end of the school year in conjunction with the physical
education dept. Volunteers are needed to help as students rotate through these wet and
sometimes wild stations!

Sock Hop – October 25
Chair – Jessica Austin 512-296-6858

Remember that good ole' rock & roll? Kids love dressing up in their 50's finest, and dancing
to 50's music in the gym.

Square 1 Art – October 31-November 8
Chair – Margaret Fahey

Remember that good ole' rock & roll? Kids love dressing up in their 50's finest, and dancing
to 50's music in the gym.

Teacher Drawing – April 28-May 2
Chair – Pattie Woytko
A treasured event for both students and teachers. Prizes include lunch or movie with your teacher.

Spreadsheet Coordinator
Chair – Laura Ewing 925-407-6450

Chair – Paige Hansen 512-263-7824

Chair is responsible for obtaining a design. This can be something created by an individual
or by working with the Art teacher and have the kids create a design. The chair is also
responsible for ordering and distributing the t-shirts to the classrooms prior to the first day of school.

Valley View Directory
Chair – Julie Holt 512-695-7469

Compiles and verifies information for creating the VV directory.

Puppet Show
Chair – Julia Hix