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Big Red

The “BIG RED” Story

Our Cardinal Mascot
In September 2011, Big Red was thankfully discovered by a teacher here on our very own playground. When found, he was still in his nest, waiting and looking around for his Mama. This kind teacher noticed he looked a little hungry, so she brought him in and fed him. They developed a quick friendship. She had often seen beautiful red Cardinal birds flying around our playground; but this one seemed different...almost human.

Together, they searched high and low for his Mama, but couldn’t find her. This was okay because he was just now old enough to fly the coop. And besides, his Mama had given him the greatest gifts...love and wings to S.O.A.R.!

So the teacher did the right thing by caring for him. He chirped to ask if he could stay with her and make himself a new home at Valley View. She was thrilled, and decided to hatch a plan with Mrs. Dusek. She asked her if her Cardinal friend could become Valley View’s mascot. His job would include entertaining and making friends with the students. He learned how to be a good friend because he often overheard how kind and thoughtful the Valley View students were to each other on the playground. Without hesitation, Mrs. Dusek agreed to it.

His first introduction was met with great delight at a Friday assembly. The students roared with excitement when he stepped on stage. Mrs. Dusek asked the students if they would help name him. And their response of course was...”YES!”

That weekend at our school carnival, the students had the chance to vote on different names. Overwhelmingly, the students chose BIG RED. And that’s how Big Red’s name came to be. Sometimes we like to call him just Red. Other times we like to call him just...friend.

Big Red’s Stats –
Height: Varies between 4 ft and 6 ft
Weight: Varies between 70 lbs and 170 lbs
Born: September 2011
Favorite snack: Gummy Worms
Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving (sorry, Turkey)
Favorite songs: “Rockin’ Robin” & “Fly Like an Eagle”
Favorite App: Angry Birds

If you would like the chance to see your photo of you and Big Red on Big Red’s page, please email Big Red at sarah@golliherdesign.com